Tuesday, June 18, 2013


I'm sore. Now that it's summer vacation, Mike wants Nick to get out and get exercise every day. It's good. I like getting exercise, but in my exuberance, I tried too many things in the past couple of days.

 I've walked across a couple of fallen logs. Not too hard. These were big logs. I didn't fall down. I'm telling you, though. I'm quite a bit dizzier than I ever was before. The log across the river to Monte Carlo was especially dizzying with the water flowing underneath. I had to try hard to focus on the log and not on the flowing water.

I wish I could say I went up and looked at the ghost town at Monte Carlo. I didn't get that far. Nick was certain he needed to turn around about three-quarters of the way there, so Mike went ahead and I stayed behind with Nick. It was funny that the complaining only occurred as we headed east. When we headed west instead, there was harmony and cheerfulness. Okay, we still have to work on our hiking skills.

So then, I'd been trying to distract Nick from his hiking agony and wanted to show him this fallen tree that was at about eye level. No. I am not able to do a chin-up. Not a chance. But what I could do was hang from it and let it bounce me up and down. It really was fun, though it could have used a little more bounce. Can we identify muscles in the anatomy that may not have been obvious the day before yesterday?

Well, I thought that the best cure for sore muscles was supposed to be a little more of the same exercise, so this afternoon, after another four mile hike, I used the weight machine we seldom use to exercise those same hanging and bouncing muscles. So, in theory, the cure for sore muscles is to exercise them. That theory has been resolutely debunked. Now, I have sore muscles and my back hurts as well. Even my gripping muscles hurt. Yes, gripping muscles are the same ones a body uses to type. Today, I know a lot more about anatomy than I did the day before yesterday.

My butt's sore too. I'm not sure if that's because I scooted down a steep hill today when we couldn't find the geocache that was just off the trail or because of the hanging and bouncing I did or the butt-squenching required to keep from falling off a log.

I hope I survive this summer vacation.

Thank you for listening, jb

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