Monday, June 24, 2013

On the Phone with Mr. Dell

I'm on the phone, trying to get my computer fixed for the third time. The last time they were here, they fixed the hard drive but broke the hinge holding one side of the screen up. The guy didn't seem to be manhandling it, but still, I hate when someone breaks something and says that the product is crappy and that's why it broke. Admit it, dude. You broke my computer. I will tell you that Dell has been really good about working with me on these repairs. Of all the outsourced employees that I've worked with, these people are easiest. The last time, I got to joking with the guy on the phone and realized that he didn't quite understand my jokes, but he did well with the technology. I think I'm on the phone with the same guy now. He's thorough and he understands my computer and my ineptitude with my computer. I like that.

So, here's a question for you - the neighbor kid left his sandwich and his water at my house when he came over to go to laser tag camp this morning. When I get off the phone with Dell, do I go back and bring it to him? Do I rescue him from his own mistakes?

I'm working on three and a half hours of sleep here. I honestly don't know. A twelve year old boy might tell you that he'd starve to death if he didn't eat before noon. A fifty-three year old insomniac might tell you that she'd die of fatigue if she didn't sleep before noon. It's a toss up.

I know I'm not supposed to be typing while I'm on the phone with the Dell guy, but I'm spending half my time waiting while he does his thing. Is that rude of me? I suppose if I kept typing while he was asking me to perform some operation or if I didn't pay attention to what he was saying, it might be worse, but still. Do I have enough time to just sit and stare out the window while I wait?

That's a good question. Does Miss Manners have etiquette recommendations for computer use during a phone conversation? What about doing dishes? I always do a load of dishes when I'm just chatting. Is that rude? I'm sure you can hear it clanking in the background. The alternative is to get off the phone sooner and get to it. Who has time to sit and stare out the window any more?

Well, now I'm off the phone with Mr. Dell. He did a good job. He was patient. He was thorough. He was kind. What more can a customer ask?

Thanks for listening, jb


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