Friday, April 19, 2013

When I'm Eighty

I've worn myself out collecting flotsam around the house to donate to the thrift store and I'm not even half done. I'd forgotten about the childhood side-effect of donating toys - playing with stuff you'd forgotten you loved.  The boys are playing with stuff like littler boys. I like that. There's a robot they're making dance and the Millennium Falcon that used to be their favorite arena for the Galactic Heroes they collected. I made Mike mad when I refused to put those things in the pile to donate. They were going to the pile of things I kept to remind me of Nick's childhood, the small pile of toys that I might pull out for Nick's kids if I ever get a chance at that.

I may not get to. Remember, I was 40 when I had Nick. If he waits as long, I'll be 80 when I get grandkids. Will I be the kind of 80-year-old who plays with her grandkids? Funny, I don't remember any of my grandparents actually playing with me. They spent more time watching.

Maybe when I'm in my eighties, I'll sit in my bedpan, watching Nick's kids play with his old toys.

That would be bad.

Thank you for listening, jb

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