Friday, March 13, 2015

Spinning Around

There is not enough time and too much to do.

I wrote an article last night, after volunteering at the school, after lunch and a not-so-productive meeting with a friend about our work, after a quick run with the dogs, after making a fast, leftover dinner, and after carting my boy to a crowded meeting at the high school for incoming freshman. He was recruited for the football team, scheduled for his classes, grouped with friends, instructed about studying, and introduced to a myriad of possible ways to spend his copious spare time after school. He had also tried to sign up for seven classes instead of six for the coming year. I was spun around, spun around, spun around and spun around again.

And then, I had to come home and begin to write a difficult article that never did come out quite right. I need to work on it again today, after sleep. Sometimes I wish my mind could focus on one thing to the end before I needed to run off to the next big thing.

Thank you for listening, jb

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