Sunday, March 15, 2015

Is this Meditating?


The breeze is too cool
on my neck and face.
The sky is dark
but not threatening rain
or even droplets.
My boy, wrapped in blankets,
reads with the cat,
harnessed for safety,
at his side.
It's 'outside' so the cat
lifts each paw and bows
for the harness.
Here outside, a rooster crows,
there's a pause in road noise,
a dog barks.
My boy stops reading
and daydreams out loud,
a night on the deck
with his friends.
The cat complains
when he is lifted
to untangle the chair.
My boy bangs his foot
to hear himself
echoed in the barbecue grate.
The cat settles by his knees.
Quiet now, but for happy chatter,
the plans, a cat saddle
for the dog.
Joy bubbles out in him
and infects us all.


Cat. Pet me. I block the dog in.
Dog. Pet me more. If you block me, I can put my wet nose on your butt.
Cat. I am not amused. I must bathe now.
Dog. You should bathe in my spit.
Cat. I will hurt you.
Dog. Can you open this door?
<The door is ajar.>
Cat. You are such a dork. I could have done that with it latched.
Watch me jump to the top of the bookshelf. Watch me.
Dog, still standing at the door. Showoff.

Thank you for listening, jb

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