Saturday, July 12, 2014

Too Much Sunshine and Too Much Attention

It has been over eighty degrees and sunny for a month now. I know a lot of people love this weather, but I'm seriously getting enough. It's time for some rain. I've been having to clip on my sunglasses for too many days in a row. I'm not equipped for this weather. If I had wanted to live in Southern California, I would have moved there.

On Tuesday, it's supposed to get up to ninety-five degrees! Holy cow! For those of you who have converted to the more sensible Centigrade, that's thirty-five degrees! I'm not seeing any rain in the forecast for the next ten days. Please, give me some rain. I'm dying out here.

Here's what you should know about me in sunglasses. When I'm talking to people, I feel I should take them off, as if I'm not as authentic with them on. I probably shouldn't worry about that. I have a pretty fair aura when it comes to talking to people. My dog is a magnet all by himself and I get people talking once they stop to pet him. Today on the trail, Teddy kissed a man he'd just met. He doesn't do that usually. He likes to be more demure than that, but he'll accept attention from most people.

Last week, we took Teddy out with us wherever we went. It was a pain in the neck for eating out, but plenty of places have outdoor seating. He's a handsome dog and draws attention wherever he goes. One guy sat down and started petting him without even talking to us humans. It made me think there was something wrong with the man. Eventually, Teddy got a pained look on his face and I got Teddy onto his feet and walked away. Another guy, shaved bald, bearded, and tattooed, won some respect when he petted Teddy right where he liked it and talked about how he badly wants a dog but can't get one right now because he doesn't have a regular job.

Last night, I was walking past the library and there was a group of women there. They were shouting obscenities at each other. I was uncomfortable and gave them a wide berth.

Suddenly, the one shouting the loudest turned toward us and said, "HEY!"

I jumped.


I breathed a bit easier, but kept walking. Before I could reply, another woman from the group shouted.

I jumped again.


Sometimes, Teddy gets too much attention.

Thanks for listening, jb

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