Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Idylwood Park, Pumping the Septic Tank, and Rattlesnake Lake

I took Nick and a friend of his to the lake today. Now, they're having a sleepover, but I'm not sure who'll fall asleep sooner, me or them. Right now, I'm working to get past sunset. I really enjoyed my lake time. A friend of mine stopped by with her boy and I sent him out to splash with my two. It was great! Mom time! I didn't have to do anything, really. The kids are big enough that they can carry their stuff plus a cooler. I carried my book, some of my snacks, and my camp chair.

Idylwood Park - I can't get over the fact that this little beach on Lake Sammamish has lifeguards, a snack shack, sand, and an area near the beach with grass and shade where I can bring my dog. Oh, it was nice except that I didn't swim for the first time ever. I didn't want to leave Teddy alone tied to my chair. I didn't feel like leaving him at home by himself either. At one point, my friend and I walked down to the beach and stood ankle-deep in the water and Teddy just laid there, stretched out in the shade. What was I worried about? I also brought Zukes snacks for Teddy. Kids, me, snacks and green grass. Teddy was in heaven. The only thing that would have made it perfect would have been dogs in the water.

Now, pizza is almost gone, video games are clashing on the television, and I've already set the boys up with sheets and sleeping pads. I have no intention of staying up to see how long they stay up. Who cares how long they stay up? It's summer. We don't have any responsibilities tomorrow.

Well, they don't. I do.

Tomorrow, I get to hang around and wait for the septic guy to come drain our tank. Ew. Aren't you so glad you asked what I was doing tomorrow? Isn't that an exciting plan? Our septic tank was overwhelmed when we had eight people in the house, so I get to be the one to organize that. Lovely.

So tomorrow, I'm going to go through some receipts, put books back on bookshelves, wait for the septic guy, and maybe make waffles for the boys when they wake up. I'll make sure I close the windows before the septic guy gets here, but. ...

Still have your appetite? There's nothing like a little septic pumping to take the edge off.

In the meantime, I'm a little burned despite the sunscreen, I'm starting to cool down, the evening sky is clear blue, and I'm going to bed early tonight. The boys are making a plan to go canoeing on Friday on Rattlesnake Lake. I think it's a good plan. I love hanging around at Rattlesnake Lake. It's free too, though there are no lifeguards.  I might just invite another friend to meet me there so we can chat while the boys paddle. Picture that. Don't picture septic pumping. Just don't.

Thank you for listening, jb

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