Saturday, January 4, 2014


I'm happy right now. I can't explain it. I haven't done anything special lately. I haven't been given anything.

Our culture would make you believe that if I were given the perfect gift, I'd become perfectly happy, that diamond, that new car, or the special cleaner that picks up every particle of dirt.

What is dirt anyway? It's like a weed. If you don't want that plant in your yard, it's a weed. If it's a speck you don't want on your granite countertop, it's grime.

Nope. It isn't any one thing that has made me happy today, though I have to admit that experiences can do the trick. Get me in a plane and I'm usually happy.

Once, I took one of those helicopter rides over the valley. It was only a five minute ride. Honestly, I think the pilot gave me some extra time. I still love him for that. At first, I didn't know that the pilot was talking to me on the microphone, but after he repeated himself a couple of times in my helmet, I figured it out.

"Where do you want to go?" he asked again.

"Can you fly low over the river?" I asked.

"Sure you won't get sick?"

"I'll let you know." 

Then in a flash, he was showing me what his helicopter could do. I was so happy in those minutes, tears streamed down my face. He flew as if we were in a motorcycle along the river, banking left and then right and popping lightly over a bridge. I barely breathed. Then, he swept me up, spiraling in the air, and leveled off for just a minute to show me the elk herd in North Bend. I had never seen elk before, let alone a whole herd. Then, we swooped past the face of Mt. Si and he brought us lightly down in the front yard of the middle school.

When Mike saw my face and my tears, he quickly asked how I felt.

"That! Was! AMAZING!" I screamed.

Yes, doing things, special things, can make me happy, but today?

I can't explain it. I didn't spiral through the skies, but it was still a really good day.

Thank you for listening, jb

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