Sunday, December 29, 2013

The Next Level of Sleepover

"Everyone sleep."

There are three boys in my living room. They keep talking about what sounds like real stuff, about fishing, building, eating, but they're playing a video game, a marathon of a single video game. Minecraft. I can't believe they've played it for so long. Mike built a fire in the fire pit outside. I asked a couple of times if they wanted to go outside, yet, the boys stayed in position in front of the TV. So, should we have kicked them off the game to come outside? They ate junk food and played. That's it. Mike said to let them be, so I let them be. So this is their sleepover, playing a single video game all night long?

Plus, they haven't needed us. I'm a little sad about that. We brought in pizza, chips, and yes, soda. Bleah. Mike told me to buy soda. I hate having soda in the house. It's the single worst use of calories that any of us consume. Two large pizzas, two bags of chips, and four or five sodas between three boys. Mike told me not to bother bringing out anything healthy. Apples? Carrot sticks, celery? No thank you, they said. I was only partially kidding.

Other than that, they showed me their Minecraft houses and that was it. I sat in front of the fire for a while. I painted my nails, checked Facebook, and watched the end of two movies with Mike in the bedroom. Now, I'm going to bed.

I imagine waking at my usual 2:00am and coming through the living room and finding the kids in the very same position that they were in at 11:45 when I fell asleep. What do I tell them then? Mike says I can tell them to go to bed at that point. Good. I was afraid he'd tell me to leave him alone. Already, he's said to give them soda, to let them eat junk food, not to offer them veggies, and to let them stay up.

Oh hell. It's their vacation. They'll feel like crap tomorrow, but they don't have to go to school for a week. I can't wait to see if Mike can get them to the laser tag session tomorrow morning.

I just wonder if I'll feel like crap too.

Thank you for listening, jb

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