Thursday, November 28, 2013

Tryptophan Gratitude

So, what am I thankful for?

I'm thankful for that big damn turkey that I had to get up at 6:00 am to get into the oven. It may not taste all that good today, but think about the sandwiches tomorrow! Oh, those things will be a thing of beauty. Well, okay, they'll be an ugly pile of turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, yams, and gravy, but my stomach, though it has no eyes, will view it as a thing of beauty. An insulin nightmare too, but I'll just have to go into a coma for a while afterward.

I'm thankful that I still have Mike. Nuf said.

I'm thankful that Mike is dedicated enough to getting his daily walk in that he'll drag Nick off the video games for a while this afternoon and take the dog for a walk. It may not be a long walk, but it'll be a beautiful day for it. The sky is pink and blue, as if a baby is being born and no one knows if it's a boy or a girl. I hope to go too, but I'll be making pies, yams, and cheese sauce for the cauliflower in a little while. Doesn't that sound delicious?

You want to know what kind of pie? Apple and pumpkin. Why three people need two pies is beyond me, but we do. I'm sad that we aren't having lemon meringue, but Mike said he just doesn't want to goober the recipe to accommodate his low fat, low salt, and low cholesterol diet. You can translate that into low taste. At least my diet has flavor. I do miss bread, but the whole thing can have as much flavor as I want. My goal is to learn to cook all that low fat, low salt, and low cholesterol shit into something that Mike enjoys. It's a challenge. I tell you.

I'm thankful for four whole days with my family. Oh, I think Nick has been invited to a friend's house on Friday, but that's our usual mode of operation these days. His time with his friends is incredibly important to him right now.

I'm thankful for Nick's friends too. He's spreading the love, hanging with some different kids for a change. It seems to be helping. Where the old friends were giving him grief and excluding him from things, the new friends are happy to be invited over and throwing a wrench into the same old boring things that Nick thought to do with them. One of the kids, though he isn't a Boy Scout, is seriously interested in those type of things, carving wood, archery, exploring outside, learning knot skills. His mom said he's too busy to join, but Nick is happily showing him stuff he learned whenever he's over at the house. How great is that? Boy Scouts even helps kids who aren't scouts!

Okay, enough gratitude. Here's what pisses me off. Can you believe that all those Black Friday events are beginning on Thanksgiving day now? Imagine a big feast. Your dad and uncles are watching the game on the television. Tryptophan in the turkey is taking effect and Grandpa is dozing on the couch, snoring so loudly, your cousin takes a video of him with his iPhone. Your aunts, uncles, and parents are gabbing with Grandma and the other kids have taken over the den and are screaming and running around, nearly knocking over Grandma's knick knacks.  Pretty soon, people are going to start breaking out the turkey again for sandwiches. And they'll have another slice of pie on the side. It's a beautiful picture right?

Now shift that. It's late afternoon. Your two favorite aunts are putting on their coats. Uncles are reluctantly getting off the couch. The game's not quite over yet. The kids whine about being taken home before they're tired. They never get to see their cousins. Why? Because the aunts need to get to that sale before all the good stuff is out of stock. Worse yet are the people who just aren't there because they had to work.

What the hell is wrong with those corporations? Thanksgiving is a day for people to be with their families. People shouldn't have to skip the holiday so corporations can sell more stuff. Oh right. The corporations may have the rights of a person, but they aren't people. Corporations must make more money and they do it on the backs of those employees who need the jobs and are told they have to work an important holiday or lose their jobs.

Remember that, Aunt Doris, when you put on your coat to go get that 'great deal' late this afternoon.

Thanks for listening, jb

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