Friday, November 15, 2013


Why is it so hard to live through your kid's social life in seventh grade? It was easier, though it was the worst year of my life, being in seventh grade myself. Oh, that is another story, isn't it?

I hate the bullies. Tomorrow, I have to call one of the moms on my contact list and hell her that her boy needs to stop pushing Nick around. That I even have this woman's phone number means that the two kids were once friends. Isn't that sad?

I hate that Nick's best friend Adrian was invited over to his other best friend's house and all they told Nick was that he wasn't invited. Nick sat by himself at home that afternoon, dejected and trying to console himself by spending time between Mike and I on the couch. Tonight, Nick went over to that friend's house and lo, the bully was also invited. Then, according to Nick, "they ditched me, Mom. They're having a sleepover and they didn't bother to invite me." That was after the bully managed to shove Nick around a little more.

Nick has been taught not to use his karate because if he does it in school, he'll get sent to the principal. Well, crap. I'm about to tell him to shove the kid onto his butt the next time it happens. What is all that sparring for if not to deter the bullies? Isn't there something Nick is allowed to do when it happens? He has the training, but not the heart for it.

Still, tonight he said he had a good time at the school dance. And on the way home from karate yesterday, he said he had a pretty good life and felt lucky.  I love that about him.

And my heart aches for my son. And the whole bullying and exclusion thing is pissing me off.

Thank you for listening, jb

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