Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Okay, so I want you to think about this: why do we need to tell people how to live their lives when they just want to be left in peace, when they're not hurting anyone else, when they haven't been telling us how to live our lives?

Picture this: two people love each other. They live in a 'free' country. They are legal adults. Their love is mutual. They want to get married, to declare that their bond is strong, to live together under a sanctioned umbrella. They want, in some small way, for their love to be acknowledged.

I did that. I lived with Mike for nearly five years before we got married, yet that moment when the judge declcared that we were finally married, Mike and I both had tears in our eyes. Don't tell Mike that I told you that. I'm not sure anyone else could see. That viewpoint was for me and for the judge.

I was waving my hand around my face. People said they thought I was tearing up. I was, but a fly had landed on my nose on the side only the judge and Mike could see. The three of us laughed at it. Maybe God was in that fly, sanctioning our tears, blessing our marriage, witnessing up close what only Mike, the judge, and I could see, tears of joy and laughter at the freedom in declaring our bond to each other.

So why is it that there is a whole category of people who aren't allowed this simple joy?

Thank you for listening, jb


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