Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Color of Dirt

Mike had to throw away a pack of Twinkies.  There was just a little bit of mold growing on it.  Just think - $5000 down the drain, but only if we could just have gotten that one idiot on eBay to buy them.  Remember the guy who spent $10,000 for a twin pack of Twinkies and a pair of cupcakes?  The expiration date on the Twinkies was 10-25-12.  So much for the forty-year shelf life myth.  So now, Mike's eating the $4000 Hostess cupcakes. 

There was a lot we didn't get done this afternoon.  We didn't blow the pine needles off the sidewalk.  I didn't get some paperwork notarized that I needed to sign.  We didn't walk the dog and we didn't get the Christmas lights up.  Bummer!

What we did do was buy a new truck.

I loved our old truck, a Tahoe, but we could only fit five people into it.  It had moss and algae growing on the windows.  The windshield wipers were a little crunchy sometimes, and a gasket leaked so that by the end of last winter, a couple of little mushrooms grew in the back by the tail gate.  I am just not fond of that wet carpet smell.  Unless you've lived in the desert your whole life, you know the smell that I mean.  Still, this truck went on a bunch of good trips, including the trip to Diablo Lake this summer and multiple trips to Scout Camps.  There was Camp Brinkley, Camp Pigott, Camp Sheppard, and Camp Parsons. 

On Friday, our old truck went to the Humane Society where the cash at auction will save some pets and pay for neutering.  That sounds good, doesn't it? 

Our so-called new truck is a Suburban.  It seats eight people!  Isn't that the perfect truck for a Scoutmaster?  Another cool thing is that all the features are just like the old one. Lights and wiper controls. It even drives the same except that the brakes are soft and the whole thing seems to float a bit the way a car does when it needs new shocks. I may have to get used to the extra eighteen inches in the length too, but it already has one good ding in the bumper.  The best part?  It's a really pretty shade of dirt, inside and out.  A car dealer would label it gold or sand, but I couldn't think of a better color for a truck that's going to haul a bunch of teenaged boys for the next ten to fifteen years.  Dirt.  Can you?

I picture that think loaded to the hilt, bikes on the rack in the back and a canoe on the top.  Add five cheerful boys and a couple of adults and you have the perfect vehicle for a camping trip.  Oh, the places we will go. 

This summer, our 'new' truck will head down to Camp Meriwether on the Oregon coast.  I am already planning my part of the trip since I've been told there's a glut of men who have already volunteered to go to camp.  I'm going too, but I'm going to stay somewhere along the coast.  I'm going to walk on the beach, play with the dog, eat out.  Doesn't that sound cool?  I can't wait.

Here's the funny thing - we paid less for our 'new' truck than that crazy guy would have paid for the Twinkies and the Hostess cupcakes that Mike ate or threw out today. 

Thank you for listening, jb

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