Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Nobody Wears Yellow

I'm too tired to write good stuff tonight.  It was one of those exhausting days, the days for which I have little to show and the headache to prove it.  A doctor's appointment, a battle with a boy who needs room to grow but doesn't want it, a book that bored me, two trips to the grocery store, but still no food for dinner.

I'm too tired to play my solitaire game.  That's pretty bad.  That's pretty boring. 

So, what can I tell you about tonight?  I made one of those parachute bracelets, only I added a D-ring and made it big enough for Teddy to use as a collar.  The only problem is that I got yellow, thinking that it would look great against his cream-colored fur.  It went together quickly, except that Seth unraveled the nylon by playing with the ends as I worked.  It looks great.  When I was done melting the ends and flattening them against a flat metal surface, I leaned down and put it on Teddy to see the results of my handiwork.

He doesn't like it.

"It's yellow," he seemed to say.

"It looks good with your coat," I told him.

"Do I have to wear it?" he said with a look.  "It's embarrassing."

"You'll be the best dressed dog at Marymoor," I said.

"What's wrong with my old collar?" I imagined him saying.

"But I made this just for you," I told him.

"You look like a dork," Seth seemed to say as he sauntered by, eyeing the bright yellow. "Nobody wears yellow but dorks."

"It's too tight," Teddy might have said.  "I can't wear it."

"I made it to fit you and you can wear it.  There's nothing wrong with wearing yellow.  You look sweet in yellow."

Teddy laid down his head and groaned as if to say, "The other guys are totally going to die laughing.  Nobody will be seen running with me if I wear this thing."

I took the collar off his neck, deflated.

"Maybe we could send it out to Tom.  It might look good with his coat," I said, knowing that I was going to take it apart and make a green one instead.  Maybe Teddy would like a green one.

Thank you for listening, jb

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