Saturday, August 18, 2012

WashJam, Day Three

Did I tell you how much I need a shower? No? Oh you do not want to know what my hair looks like under my hat. It's crusty with salt. There's no improvement to combing it, but it itches so I do anyway.

Today was easy, especially since it began with chocolate chip and cranberry pancakes. We all participated more since the temperatures dropped into a tolerable range. Everyone was more enthusiastic too.

I absolutely love my new survival bracelet. Who would think macramé would be so popular? Now, in theory, a boy could use the line from a tightly knit belt or bracelet to save his own life, used with some carabiners to lower himself off a cliff face or to create a block and tackle to pull his raft off a bridge pillar. Actually, it's more likely it'll be used to put up a couple of extra tarps in a squall, but you never know.

I decided to go off alone to try this out. As I left camp, Mike asked me to get a kit for him so I could teach him when I got back. These people were so generous, giving out the line and nice little black buckles. But Mike thought I could teach him? Right. He's taught me the bowline knot every summer for five summers and it hasn't stuck. So a nice guy taught me how to make my bracelet. Then he showed me again.

That wasn't going to be enough. So I started helping anyone who asked. I was there for over an hour. One kid I didn't seem to be able to help was fairly frustrated because I wouldn't do it for him. Maybe there's a use for a bit of frustration in learning, but this boy wasn't trying. Finally, his buddy told me he'd help him as soon as they got back to camp. What a great kid!

I was so inspired by this boy and his helpful nature. I'm still thinking about how we could foster that in our group.

We're also going to have an iron chef competition since our boys had so much trouble cooking on this trip. They didn't even bother to make lunch today. It was every man for himself. The younger boys ended up going to the program area and buying candy and soda to eat. Oh man, we have some work to do.

After I got back, Mike had a free moment, I showed him how to make his own survival bracelet. He was an easy student. Now, when I make my belt, he'll be able to help me remember how to do it.

Thank you for listening, jb

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