Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Lunch or No Lunch

Today is the last day of school. Nick is done with 8th grade. You'd think that I'd be reminiscing about how fast the days fly. You'd think I'd be thinking, with a tear in my eye, how he had to shave yesterday before putting on the dress shirt and tie with his blue jeans and old sneakers.

No. I'm not. He's going to see most of these people in his classes next year. A few are moving away, but he'll still be in his element even though the classrooms will have changed. New teachers? He's a pro with new teachers. Will I be thinking about his future, an unknown with clues based on his likes and dislikes?


What I'm stressing about this morning is that I still don't know, after eight years of half days on occasion, whether or not I need to make a lunch for him when he gets out of school at 11:53, or is it 10:53? I can't remember even though I just looked it up.

He wants a lunch. He doesn't really need a lunch, but he wants one, so I made him a little lunch.

It would be too embarrassing to ask at this stage. It really would.

Thank you for listening, jb

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