Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Catching Up on Meditating

6:58 am

Stuff I need to do.
The yard, the house, dust
to be silent.
Why do I start off talking? Why?
I need to be silent.
Cobwebs, dead-letter blogs, weeds,
the repair of the garage roof.
Why am I itchy?
The dog needs a walk.
I need a walk.
Piles I need to sort.
Piles, books, junk mail,
fliers I thought were important,
old lists of stuff to do.
Rummage to collect.
Where is the good in hunger
and lists
and procrastination?


The pattern of light
through my eyelids,
footprints squeaking floor boards,
a lull in traffic noise
reminds me that it's Saturday,
sleeping in for all those people
not on the roads,
one eye open
to a photo of us in the Bahamas,
gleaming eyes,
my boy with hair grown,
I will have time to sew
and sit on the deck with a book,
and coffee
feeling cool air
touch through my shirt
across my shoulders,
a fresh awakening.

Thank you for listening, jb

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