Monday, September 8, 2014

Go LL Bean!

So, I talked to my credit card company yesterday about my claim against the Sixt Rental Car company.

This was a woman whose specialty is managing credit card disputes. What a nice woman. Whenever I've talked to these employees, they are outgoing and helpful. I get off the phone and I'm actually happy. How do you do that when you're talking to someone about misuse of your credit card?

Have I ever told you that I love LL Bean?

Well, I do. My husband and I visited Freeport, Maine after we honeymooned for six days in a canoe along the Alagash waterways. That was twenty two years ago. We were tired, happy, and ready to start our new lives together. Somehow, we both agreed that we wanted to decorate our house in a cabin theme. Canoe bookshelves, a green and tan futon, a green Waterford wood stove. Oh, it was going to be beautiful. The only problem with what we wanted to buy in Freeport at the main LL Bean store was how we would get everything home. By the time we left there, our suitcases and the new suitcase we bought were all stuffed tight.

We also came home with new LL Bean credit cards. Do you remember those days, when every department store offered you 15% off your purchase when you opened a new account? Well, our LL Bean credit card is the only remnant of those days. We buy things on credit and we get coupons for free clothing. I'm wearing three very comfortable articles of LL Bean clothing as we speak.

So, we've also worked with the LL Bean credit card company for a while now. These people are totally proactive about misuse of our credit. The Target kerfuffle? New cards were sent before we found out we were involved. Someone used our number at They guessed it wasn't us and let us know. It was a funny conversation when I called to see what was up. I had to get off the phone with the 'lost and stolen' people and actually ask Mike if he had, by any strange coincidence, used the services of to match him with another woman. Then, when I got the same LL Bean representative on the phone after that awkward call, we both laughed until I cried a little.

So, I love the help I've gotten from my LL Bean credit card people.

Yesterday was no different. I needed to confirm that a letter I sent was received. At first, the woman was very professional, but then she remembered that she'd already talked to me and she relaxed a little. Do you know what she said?

She said that she hoped that it worked out in my favor because the outrageous cost of the extra insurance for this rental car from Sixt was something that nobody should have to worry about when they are traveling. Even when I told her again that I had indeed signed a contract with those numbers but that I hadn't calculated the cost in my head, she said the fact that the company hadn't been explicit in discussing the extraordinary cost with me should be enough for me to get a refund. That's what she said.

She told me she was on my side!

Go LL Bean!

Thank you for listening, jb

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