Monday, October 21, 2013


Did you know that you can reduce your levels of stress by using these easy breathing and awareness techniques?

I've spent the last week simply remembering to breathe. Now, due to circumstances beyond my control, or partly within them, I'm going to become an expert at helping to reduce stress levels for people I love.

So, are you stressed?

Right now, close your eyes.

Wait, read this first and then close your eyes.

Think about how your breath feels in your nose, in your mouth. Then feel it in your chest. If you think about it, you can actually feel the air move into your deeper airways. Then, stretch your stomach as you breathe. I know. It works against your intuition to push out your stomach instead of sucking it in, but push it out each time you breathe in. Then, you can push it back in when you breath out, all the way out. Try to slow your breathing. Count to eight with each breath, then slow your counting.

In just fifteen breaths, you can reduce your levels of stress, expand your lung capacity, and feel calmer.

Hey, it helped keep me from rear-ending a bus as I was on my way to the emergency room. It might work for you too.

And don't forget to get a good laugh in when you can. It does the same thing.

Uh oh. I'm a little light-headed after all this breathing.

Thank you for listening, jb

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